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6 Items To Keep Safe In Climate Controlled Storage

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When looking for self storage options, you may have noticed there is a big price difference between climate controlled units and standard ones. If you plan on storing any of these 6 items, you will want to consider upgrading to a unit that will keep your belongings at the proper temperature.


Circuit boards inside computers have hundreds of tiny parts that are essential to the machine operating. When those circuit boards expand and contract, it is possible that they can become damaged.

Leaving a computer in an outdoor storage unit without climate control will cause the computer to experience temperatures that are much hotter and colder than it would experience with every day use.

Data Tapes and Hard Drives

Computer data storage media, like LTO tapes, have very specific storage needs to ensure that the data on the tape is not ruined. These tapes have storage instructions that request that tapes are not stored in temperatures above 52°C. This can happen very easily during the summer in a hot outdoor storage unit without climate control.

Wooden Furniture

Wood will also expand and contract in different environments, which can cause a big problem for wooden furniture items. Temperature changes can cause your beautiful wood furniture to warp. The money you saved by opting for a cheaper storage unit could end up going right back into having your wood furniture repaired.

Musical Instruments

You should pay close attention to how you store musical instruments in long term storage. Even if the damage is not visible, a wooden instrument could be damaged to the point where the quality of sounds it produces is altered. Wood warping in a wooden instrument could be so bad that the instrument cannot be repaired, and require complete replacement.

Office Supplies

Some office supplies are best left stored in a climate controlled environment. Your big metal furniture items will be fine, but your inks and glues will not be. These items can actually dry out from extreme heat, requiring them to be replaced, which completely defeats the point of storing them. With the cost of printer ink being so expensive, it is not a risk worth taking.

Important Documents

Anything made out of paper has a risk of being altered due to humidity. It is possible that the paper will become brittle, and eventually crumble if left in a high temperature and high humidity environment. If you are storing documents that are of significant value, you need to store them properly.

By being aware of what kind of items need to be stored in a climate controlled storage unit, you will know from the beginning what kind of unit you need. If you're looking for a storage company in your area, consider visiting Epic Group Inc.