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About Electronic & Deadbolt Door Locks For Securing A Business

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When considering the type of locks for your business, you may want to consider electronic or deadbolt locks installed by professionals, like those at Fradon Lock Co Inc. The main thing to keep in mind is how secure your business will be, such as how easy the locks can be picked by criminals. In this article, you will learn about electronic and deadbolt locks so you can determine the best way to keep your business safe when you are away.

Why are Electronic Door Locks Great for a Business?

Electronic door locks are a great way to secure a business because they are hard to open unless you have a card or access to a code. Rather than simply having a bolt coming from the lock into the door frame, you will also have an electronic motor (actuator) deep inside of the frame. The bolt can be hard to manipulate without being electronically moved, which means criminals will have a difficult picking the lock.

Besides securing your business, electronic door locks will also give you the ability to distribute door cards or codes to your employees instead of keys. The great thing about door cards or codes is the ability for you to deactivate them to deny access into the business if anyone is fired. It is also easy to activate a new card or code if an employee loses or forgets the one they have.

What Makes a Deadbolt Lock Great for a Business?

Although electronic door locks are harder to pick than deadbolt locks, you can still find security in a deadbolt. The only way a criminal will be able to pick a deadbolt is if he or she has the right tools and skills for the task to be done. Deadbolt locks are great for a business because they have a pin and tumbler system that must be correctly manipulated before the door will open.

You don't have to opt for one type of door lock over another for securing your business, as you can invest in multiple locks. It is a good idea to have an electronic door lock for everyday use, but also a deadbolt that can make opening doors easier in case the electricity goes out and interferes with the electronic locks.

A locksmith can install locks that will meet all of your needs. Just make sure your business is safe by choosing locks that will make it hard for criminals to get in and steal your inventory!