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Consider A Wireless Alarm System To Secure Your Room Or Apartment

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Do you rent an apartment, condo, dorm room or other space that you don't fully own? You shouldn't have to sacrifice your sense of security just because you live in an apartment. Unfortunately, alarm systems and apartments don't always go well together.

  • You don't always have permission for drilling or running lines
  • Your apartment's location isn't always ideal for setting up a full alarm system
  • Your lease may not allow you to make needed modifications
  • You may not want to sign a security contract for a temporary dwelling

The good news is that you can secure your apartment without having to worry about many of the hassles associated with a traditional alarm system. You can do this with a wireless alarm system.

How Wireless Alarm Systems Can Benefit Renters

A wireless alarm system eliminates the obstacles to you installing a traditional alarm system in your apartment.

You don't have to drill – You can mount most wireless system components without drilling. They usually come with an adhesive backing for hanging.

You don't have to run lines – Batteries power wireless systems, so there's no need for getting behind walls to get access to electrical lines.

Location doesn't matter – No matter where your apartment or room is located within a larger facility, you can mount a wireless alarm system.

You won't violate a lease or other agreement – Since you're not drilling, not making modifications, and not running wires, then you're not violating any rules.

No contract required – You don't have to sign with an alarm company to monitor for you if you don't want to. In fact, you can set up monitoring options for yourself through IP. In addition, when you move, you can take your wireless system with you.

A wireless alarm system is a group of several options, many of which you can use individually if you don't want the full suite.

  • Sensors for Windows and Doors
  • Smoke, Heat, CO2 Alarms
  • Automation Features
  • Mobile access

There are many other features, as well as features that you can use with your wireless alarm system. For example, you can set up a camera to use with the system.

The Caveats of Wireless Alarm Systems

While these wireless alarm systems are a boon to renters, they do come with a few things you need to consider.

Noise and noise complaints – A false alarm can cause problems between you and your neighbors.

Batteries – You have to make sure that your batteries are fresh.

Connectivity – The sensors have to be within comfortable range of the control panel, or they won't work.

Even with these caveats, you should definitely add some security to your apartment. Many of the larger companies offer wireless systems and monitoring for them as well should you want it. It's worth it to look into these systems to see if you can find something for your space to make you feel more secure. For more information, contact a local alarm company