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How To Implement More Storage In Your Mobile Home

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Living in a mobile home can be a cost-effective way for you to have a home on some land that does not require you to pay a high monthly mortgage. And if you look around, you are sure to find many mobile homes for sale in every part of the country (such as those found through AAA Homes Ohio). The problem with mobile homes, however, is that they are small, so you have to implement a little creativity in order for you to live comfortably, and still have some room to store your belongings. Here are some creative ways for you to make use of every room in your mobile home.

In the Bedroom

This is probably the one room in the home that you will crave the need for a lot of storage, especially if you have small closets.

A great idea is to purchase a bed that has storage underneath the mattress. Whether the storage is built in, or you implement storage with bins underneath, this is the best place for you to make the most of your bedroom floor space.

If you have children, you could put the beds on a loft and store the child's dresser, desk or toys underneath the bed. The kids will love the idea of having their own little "cubby" under the bed.

Living Room

Consider an attractive storage chest for extra storage in your living room. You can choose from a variety of different sizes and colors, and the chest can actually double as a coffee table. This is a great way for you to store extra books and magazines, children's toys, or throw blankets. Not only is a lovely storage chest a great conversation piece, but it can hide just about any clutter that may be laying around your living room.


For your kitchen, there are a number of creative ways for you to find more storage.

You can purchase a pots and pan rack to install from the ceiling, and free up some cupboard space. For inside your cupboards, install shelving so you can stack your cups and plates and make more room, but also be able to see what you are looking for. Also, some appliances come with the option of being mounted underneath the cupboards, and this will allow you to free up your counter space.

Extra room is available in every room in your home, the key is to use your imagination to come up with some fun ways to store your belongings.