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How To Keep Mosquitoes Away

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If you live in an area that is lush with trees, grass and other vegetation, you most likely have mosquitoes in the vicinity throughout the spring and summer seasons. If you spend a good deal of time outdoors, you will soon become tired of having to swat at these pesky insects. Mosquitoes make it difficult to enjoy yourself if you are feeling itchy, and they can become nuisances. Here are some ideas that you can use to keep mosquitoes from ruining your good time.


Try lighting some citronella candles in the area where mosquitoes are noticed. They do not like the smell of citronella, and will stay away from areas where it is located. Candles come in several sizes to be put on porch or patio furniture when you want to spend time outdoors. They also come in tiki torch form, so you can insert them into a large planter or in the ground.

Bug Repellents

There are several different bug repellents that can be purchased over-the-counter to try. If you do not find them to be effective or if you do not like putting chemicals on your skin, you can try using a natural repellent. Boil several cloves of garlic in water for about five minutes. Place the garlic water in a spray bottle with a teaspoon of dish detergent. You can add more water, if desired. Spray down plants and grass in the area outdoors where you will be staying.

You can try adding a few mosquito repelling foods to your daily diet, as well. The smell of these items will expel through your pores, making you much less desirable to bite. Try eating some garlic or taking a garlic pill daily. Peppermint, rosemary, apple cider vinegar, and cloves are all things you can add to your diet that will keep mosquitoes away from you. You could try taking a vitamin B-1 supplement, as well. This will take a few weeks to take effect.

Taking Precaution

Remove any water that is sitting around in your yard. If you have children's swimming pools, bird baths, or pet water bowls, empty and refill them regularly to keep mosquitoes from laying their eggs inside. If you have any old tires, dump out the water after it rains, or place the tires in a shed or garage to keep them from being mosquito magnets. 

Keep your lawn mowed at a desirable length and use a bug killer on your lawn to keep pests away. You can place a bat box in your yard to attract bats. Bats will help keep insects, including mosquitoes, away from your yard.

Calling a pest control company that specializes in mosquito removal like Cavanaugh's Professional Termite & Pest Services is another option.