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3 Things To Help You Move

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When you are planning on moving to a new home, there is a lot to consider. Deciding how to move your large and bulky items is a big decision to make. Unless you plan to hire a professional moving company, you will need to rent or buy equipment to help you move certain items. Whether you need an easier way to get multiple boxes up the stairs or you are moving a large sofa, the following equipment can help you get the job done.


A dolly is one of the most useful types of equipment when moving your belongings. It can help you move various items: multiple boxes piled top of each other, large appliances, and all types of furniture. There are different types of dollies, each with a different size of platform. Each dolly has a maximum weight limit, so make sure you pay close attention to that. If you know you have an extra heavy piece of wood furniture, get the dolly with highest weight limit you can find.

Furniture Slider

A furniture slider is another type of equipment you might want when moving furniture and appliances. The furniture slider goes right underneath the furniture, such as under the legs of a sofa or underneath the base of a TV stand. Once underneath, you can then glide the furniture to its new location within your home. Not only is it helpful when moving furniture from one room to another, but also during a move. You can use them to get the furniture from the truck to the right room of your home.

Covers and Wraps

While this is not necessarily equipment used for a move, it is still highly beneficial. If you are moving furniture or mattresses, they should be covered properly. If you are moving on your own instead of hiring movers, purchasing or renting these accessories will become your responsibility. Try to cover your mattress during a move so that it is protected from ripping or soiling. Furniture can easily get scratched if you don't wrap it with a blanket. If you don't have blankets to accommodate the furniture, you can get furniture covers or wraps made specifically for this purpose.

If you want to avoid having to buy moving equipment and accessories, you can hire a professional moving company like Walsh Moving & Storage. They will handle everything from packing and covering furniture to moving all your belongings as safely and effectively as possible.