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3 Steps To Properly Storing Your Electric Guitar

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To someone who uses their guitar on a daily basis, the idea of needing to know how to safely secure it in storage may seem absurd. There are, however, a lot of reasons why a person may need to store his or her electric guitar for a period of time. Maybe you are babysitting a toddler for a few weeks and you do not want it to get damaged? It is also possible that you bought it as a gift and you need a safe place to hide it. Regardless of why you are storing your electric guitar, there are a handful of steps to take to make sure it gets stored properly.

Step 1: Clean Your Electric Guitar Before Storing It

Over a period of time, contaminants and oils sitting on the finish and hardware of your guitar can cause problems. For example, it can cause the finish to wear and fade. For this reason, it is important to take the time to clean all parts of your electric guitar before storing it. This includes all surfaces and the strings. After all, do you really want your guitar to simmer in sweat and grime for a few months while it is sitting in storage?

Step 2: Store it in a Guitar Case

Store your electric guitar inside of a quality guitar case while it is in storage. This does not have to be the original case that came with the guitar. A quality guitar case is properly sealed, provides the guitar neck with support, and fits the size of the guitar well enough that it will not shift around in the case.

It is important to keep in mind that regardless of how high quality the case is, you will not be able to prevent the neck of your guitar from snapping if the guitar case takes a tumble. This is why you should try to lay the case flat inside of the storage unit. Avoid putting it on the floor to prevent it from being stepped on. You also want to avoid stacking it up too high, in order to avoid it falling and breaking.

Step 3: Pick a Climate-Controlled Unit

As you are shopping for a storage unit at places like Koch St Mini Storage for your electric guitar, focus on climate-controlled units. A unit where the humidity is controlled is vital in protecting your guitar. If the air inside the storage unit is too dry, your guitar could warp or crack. If the air is too wet, on the other hand, the guitar could grow mold or mildew. Your guitar strings could corrode and any glue joints holding the guitar together could fail.

Just follow these steps and you will not have to worry about damaging your electric guitar just by putting it in storage.