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Castles For Sale: Where And How You Can Find Yours

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There is an old adage that says: "Every man's home is his castle". While this is typically meant to be metaphorical, you can actually buy real castles and establish them as your next home. Some of them are being sold off by families of nobles who no longer have the riches or the titles to keep up the castles, while other castles are completely abandoned property. Here is how and where to look for your very own castle amongst the thousands of homes for sale the world over.

Talk to an International Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents who have a licence to sell international properties while working and living here in the U.S. are often referred to as "international real estate agents." If you want to find and buy a property in another country, these agents are the people you want to talk to. They not only have access to international real estate data bases, but they also have the licensure to broker an international real estate sale. You can specify the size of the castle you want, the country and even the maximum amount you are willing to pay. If you are also willing to take on a castle fixer-upper project, then your international real estate agent can look for abandoned and gutted castles that will need some serious TLC before you can move in and live in it.

Peruse the Websites of Foreign Governments for Government Auctions and Property Sales

Castles are often sold by decendents of some of the original inhabitants or owners. Typically, they can no longer pay the taxes on their castles. As such they are being promoted by the government as properties for auction if a private seller does not come forward. For this reason, do not avoid searching foreign government websites for castles that have become government property or are being auctioned off for back taxes to the nation wherein a castle resides.

Be More Selective in Your Choice

While you can certainly jump at the first underpriced and abandoned castle that jumps out at you, be more selective. Do not rely on just the homes for sale pictures the real estate agent has received from the property owners or sellers. Choose a couple of the best castles that fit your budget and your idea of a place you want to call home. Then actually go visit the castles before you make a major decision. If you are very selective about which castles you want to buy, then you only have to fly to another country once to look at the ones on your "definitely like" list of possible homes and you will not be traveling to other countries every time something pops up in your price range.