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How To Make Your Commercial Storefronts More Appealing To Tenants

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Commercial space tenants know the value of attractive storefronts in a high-foot-traffic areas. However, having expensive merchandise displayed behind a glass window for all the world to see can also attract an unsavory element. To prevent potential tenants from being turned off from renting your commercial properties, increase curbside appeal with these simple tips.

Upgrade Security Systems

Securing storefronts with rolling aluminum gates can surely help to keep most unsavory characters out, but commercial landlords are turning to technology to cover all of their bases. An upgrade to your commercial storefronts' security systems with the help of a professional locksmith will allow you to restrict access from inside and out. In addition, you can help to appeal to potential commercial tenants by demonstrating how they can input customized security codes and monitor security footage. Contact a service like Suburban Lock for more help.

Invest Better Windows And Doors

Setting up shop in a highly visible area can help small to medium sized businesses to expand their existing customer bases in relatively short periods. Reinforced glass and heavy-duty commercial doors will appeal to future tenants while also helping you to get better insurance premiums. You can advertise all recent improvements to your commercial storefronts as a way to attract more interest and even increase the amount of rent you plan on charging.

Streamline Move-outs and Move-Ins

Commercial landlords need to stay on top of move-outs and move-ins in order to maximize profits. Hire a commercial locksmith to be on hand to immediately change and re-key all locks, which will make it easier for you to show your vacant properties to interested prospects. You can help to create a demand for your commercial storefronts by keeping all units rented out on a consistent basis.

Try to be present for all move-ins, move-outs, walk-throughs, property inspections and showings so that you will be aware of complications as they arise. You can call on your professional locksmith in case you lose your keys, if a tenant refuses you entry or if there is an emergency. Have a system in place and a professional locksmith on hand so that move-outs and move-ins don't deter renters.

When potential tenants visit your commercial storefront properties, they should be able to realize each property's full potential without being distracted by anything being out of place. Having an upgraded security system for your commercial property and sturdy doors will make renters feel safer about storing merchandise. Make your commercial storefronts' spaces stand out to renters and they will be asking you for the keys.