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4 Must-Have Features In Your New Custom Luxury Long Island Home

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If you're in the process of having a custom luxury home built on Long Island, then you should make sure that you think about all of the features you want beforehand. It's best to have the architect and builders design your dream home before the first brick is laid or 2x4 is cut. Additions that are added after the house is built can alter the design aesthetic and make the house look slipshod. With that said, here are features you should have built in to your new luxury home.

Infinity Pool

Why go with a regular in-ground pool when you can get a gorgeous infinity pool? These are beautiful and create the optical illusion of melting into the horizon. If you happen to be building your home overlooking the Long Island Sound, or you're on the south shore and have a view of the Atlantic Ocean, then it would be amazing. You can have the pool built overlooking the water and it will melt into the horizon.

Wine Cellar

If you love to entertain and have dinner parties, then you should definitely have a custom wine cellar built. These rooms don't have to actually be in a "cellar". They are actually just rooms with built-in temperature-controlled units. You can have the room designed so that the temperature control units are built recessed into the walls so that the room has a very smooth visual line and is not a bunch of refrigerator units that are stacked around in a circle, protruding out awkwardly.

Dedicated Gym Room

It's definitely advantageous to have your own gym in your new home. This will save you the trouble of heading out to exercise. This is great for people with tight schedules who don't have time to hit the gym before or after work. The reason you want a special room for your gym, instead of just putting a treadmill in your office, is that you can outfit the room like a proper exercise space. This means having a special floor (padded for weights, for instance), as well as installing the proper ventilation so that the room doesn't get too smelly. You want proper climate control as well. Also, you might want to outfit an entire wall with a floor-to-ceiling mirror so you get the true gym atmosphere.

Luxury Shower And Soaking Tub

Definitely take the time and design a huge, spacious master bathroom that would be worthy of a spa. You can have a gigantic luxury shower installed. Some features you might include are a rainfall shower, an open shower design without walls, and a lipless bottom edge. You should also have a huge soaking tub installed in the bathroom. If you're bathroom is located on the top floor, you should also have a big skylight installed so that the room is flooded with light.

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