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Strategies For Dealing With A Child Who Always Loses His Or Her House Key

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A school-aged child who is constantly losing his or her house key can create unnecessary hassles for you. You'll often receive a panicked phone call about the child's plight, which means that you may have to go home from work early, call a locksmith to open the front door, or get in touch with a relative and ask him or her to go pick up your child. If you're fed up with dealing with this situation, there are a number of strategies that you can use to allow the child to gain access to the home after school. Here are some ideas.

Have A Keyless Entry System Installed

In addition to opening locks, your local locksmith can also perform a wide range of other useful tasks around your home. Among these is installing a keyless entry system on your front or back door. This will allow your child to get into the house after school without having to carry — and potentially lose — his or her house key. Keyless entry systems are available in several styles; some have a simple keypad that allows the user to punch in a designated code that will open the door. Even if your child is forgetful enough to lose his or her key repeatedly, it's likely that the child can remember this code.

Use A Smart Door Lock

If you want something sleeker on your door, a smart door lock might meet your expectations. Instead of having a keypad, a smart door lock simply has a smart hub. This hub can be contacted by a smartphone, which will send a message to unlock the door. This type of system is ideal for children who carry smartphones and, while there's technically a chance that your child could lose his or her phone, teens commonly keep their phones close at all times. Your locksmith will install this lock, show you how to connect your family members' phones to the smart hub, and you'll be good to go.

Allow For Entry To The Garage

If you have a powered garage door, you might have a keypad outside of it. Teach your child the code to enter, and then he or she can enter the garage through the door. Once inside the garage, the child can either enter the home through an unlocked door or grab a key that is stashed somewhere in the garage to allow for entrance into the home.

For assistance with any of these options, or to have more questions answered, contact a locksmith at a company like Georges Lock & Security Service.