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3 Things To Consider If Buying A Model Home

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As you begin looking for a home to buy, you may come across some model homes that are for sale. A model home is one that a contractor used as an example of the homes offered through his business, and there are several factors you should examine and think about if you are considering purchasing a model home as your next house.

It may include extra features

When contractors build model homes, they are often designed to impress. Because of this, these homes may include extra features that would be considered add-ons if you hired the builder to construct the same house for you. This may include granite counters instead of less expensive types, or it may include custom-designed closets. There are a lot of extra features you might find in a model home compared to other homes.

You might want to consider the house as a used home

A second thing to consider is the amount of traffic that has been through this home. Depending on how long the home was used as a model home, there may have been hundreds of people through this house, or possibly even more. Because of this, there may be some wear and tear, primarily to the floors in the home, but there could be wear and tear in other areas too.

To make sure you are getting a brand-new home if you buy a model home, you should look closely at the floors, walls, and counters to look for signs of wear. If you discover any dents, dings, or problems, you could ask the contractor to fix these things before you buy a house.

You should ask about the home warranty

New homes typically come with warranties; however, the warranty periods often begin when a home is completed. If you love a home that has been used as a model for several years, you may have a shorter warranty on the home than you thought you would have.

For example, most builders offer 10-year warranties for structural problems. If the house was used as a model home for five years, you might have only five years remaining on this warranty. If you discover a problem after six years, you will have to pay the costs.

You can negotiate warranties with the builder of the house, and this is a good step to take if you decide to buy a model home.

If you are ready to buy a home and are preapproved from your lender, contact a real estate agent to begin looking for the right home to buy.