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Buying A Home For Your Family? Prioritize Certain Features For An Easy-To-Maintain Kitchen

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Purchasing a tiny home is an excellent way to ensure upkeep demands are an absolute minimum. Some homeowners end up with massive homes that require numerous hours to be invested every week to keep everything clean and free of dust. But, you might want to find a balance somewhere in the middle. It is possible to do this by looking at homes for sale that have realistic square footage, but also by looking at certain features.

You may already know that you are going to spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else, except maybe your bedroom because it is where you will be sleeping on a nightly basis. But, the kitchen can get messy in almost no time at all when some of the features are not meant for simple maintenance. Looking for easy-to-maintain features for a kitchen will undoubtedly make for a better time as a homeowner.

Large Format Tile Flooring

The flooring in the kitchen can have a huge impact on total maintenance. Hardwood floors can gather micro-scratches from coffee, ground spices, and bits of dirt getting stepped on and moved around. Tile provides you with straightforward upkeep, but the main risk that you take is when you get small format tile flooring. It is best to prioritize large format as this reduces the amount of grout used for installation. This will in turn lead to reduced maintenance since the tile part only needs occasional mopping.

Dark-Colored Cabinets

Fingerprints are all over, but especially in the kitchen. Just putting your hand on an oil bottle can lead to getting some residue on your hand, which can then lead to getting it all over the kitchen. Dark-colored cabinets will prevent lighter colors such as white and gray from showing any stains. It may not be a top priority, but you will enjoy these cabinets even more once your kids get older and they use them as well.

Resilient Sink

The kitchen sink is an area where a lot of wear and tear happens, not only to the dishes, but the sink itself. Composite granite, cast iron, and fireclay are all outstanding materials that are tough to damage. The fact that they are so difficult to cause problems for makes them a superb candidate for a sink. This will keep you from feeling discouraged to do dishes by hand at the risk of causing damage to the kitchen sink.

Buying a home with these ideas in mind will lead to having an enjoyable and low-maintenance kitchen.