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Ways To Make Your Open House More Appealing To Families

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When you're selling your home, it's important to realize that there's often lots of competition from other sellers. It's imperative to make your listing stand out if you wish to sell quickly, and one way of doing so is to make your open houses more appealing to families. Attending an open house can often be a challenge for a couple with young children; they might not want to take their children to the open house, but they also might not want to arrange a babysitter for such a short duration. By making your open house for appealing to families, you'll likely get more people through the house — and hopefully be able to sell it faster. Here are some ideas.

Provide Some Entertainment

There's nothing wrong with thinking outside the box to make your open house more appealing. One way of doing so is to arrange some entertainment for children. Set up some games in the backyard that children can play — having a sandbox, toy cars, and other toys can keep children engaged while their parents tour through the home. This is especially worthwhile if you have a fenced backyard that can keep the children contained and safe.

Set The Event At A Better Time

Many open houses take place in the afternoon on the weekends. However, this time can be problematic for families with young children, given that young children often take a nap in the afternoon. This can make it difficult for the parents to attend the open house, so consider setting your event for a better time. For example, having the open house from 9 a.m. to noon on a Saturday might be preferable to many families, as they can attend the event while they're out doing errands between breakfast and lunch.

Have Some To-Go Refreshments Ready

It's common for an open house to have coffee for the attendees, but this doesn't really benefit families with young children. Think about having some bagged refreshments that families can take in the car after the open house. This can be ideal if the family spent a long time touring your home and the young children are starting to get hungry and cranky. Some bags of healthy snacks such as fresh fruit, sliced vegetables, and other such items can provide sustenance for the children on the way home. Make sure to advertise the above features in your open house listings, as doing so may help you to get more families to attend.